Connect Google Calendar to WhoCan

Sync your WhoCan events and milestones with your Google Calendar to keep track across the platforms

You can connect your Google Calendar on WhoCan to sync events in both directions: Display WhoCan events on Google Calendar and display Google events on WhoCan.

To get started, go to your Calendar page on WhoCan and click on Connect Google Calendar.


Follow the instructions and click the checkboxes to give WhoCan permissions to your Google account. We only get access to Google Calendar events and no other data. After the connection was successful, you'll get redirected back to WhoCan with the following options:


You can specify in which direction you'd like to sync events: from WhoCan to Google, from Google to WhoCan or both directions. You can also choose which Google Calendars you'd like to import. Click Save to confirm.

Note: After connecting your Google Calendar, it might take a couple minutes to import WhoCan events on Google. New events you create will automatically show there.