Create and edit contacts

Set up a database of clients, creatives, crew members, talent and other people you work with.

Contacts play an important role in WhoCan. Every person you interact with (outside your own company) is a contact. This could be freelancers, vendors or clients.

Create a contact

To create a new contact, go to My Network and click Add new contact. Next select or search the type of contact and enter the persons details. If you want to create a talent that you represent as an agent, check the checkbox that appeared under the type field.


Tip: When you create a contact that you want to share projects or project files with, make sure to add their email address here.


Every contact is connected to a company. Select an existing company or create a new one. You can manage your companies in the Company tab of the My Network page. When you create a freelancer that has no separate legal entity as a company, you can simply give the company the same name as the person.


You can use tags to organise your contacts. Select existing tags or create new ones by just typing and hitting Enter ↵ when done. You can filter contacts by tags.

Edit contact profiles

Click on a contact to open their contact profile. Depending on the contact type you selected, the profile will look different. There are three profile types:

  • Minimal contact profile (for clients and any contact without a portfolio)
  • Creative profile (for people that work behind the camera and have a creative portfolio, e.g. Photographers, stylists or make-up artists)
  • Talent profiles (for people that work in front of the camera, e.g. Models, actors/actresses, athletes)

Click on Edit in the profile page to open a form. Here you can also change the profile type:


Add general information which are available for all contact types, like name, email address or phone number.

Note: Based on the contact type, there is specific information in the profile edit form. Example: Only talent type contacts have appearance information like measurements and sizes.


Besides uploading a profile image, you can also add portfolio images. Scroll down to the Portfolio section of the profile. Click Add images/videos. There are three ways to add image or video files to a profile:

  • Upload files from your device
  • Embed videos (from YouTube, vimeo and other video hosting platforms)
  • Add files from a website (images only)


To add images from a website, copy and paste your website link in the form and click Continue. WhoCan detects all images on this link, simply select the ones you like to add and click Save.

Note: WhoCan searches for the HTML <img> tag. Some websites might display their images by using background images which will not be recognised by the system.

After you added files, you can use drag and drop to change the order of the images.



You can create multiple sets of portfolios by using Galleries. Above the portfolio section, you'll see the option to add a New gallery. Give the gallery a name and click Create. Now you can click on the created gallery and add files here. Galleries work like folders on your computer.