Create and edit projects

Projects are your starting point for each production and connect to all many features.

To create a project, go to the Projects page, and click New project.


Next give your project a title and optionally select a folder (see more on how to use folders here).

Edit project details

To edit project details, move to the Details tab and click on the Edit icon ✏️. In the project details form you can edit information like:

  • Project title
  • Description
  • Maximum budget
  • Project currency
  • Usage information

Upload cover image

To upload a cover image, click the button Add cover image above the project title. You can crop the image before the upload starts.


Change project sections

Each project has project sections (think of them like phases of your project). These sections are provided by WhoCan: 

  • Art
  • Cast & Crew
  • Creative
  • Delivery & Distribution
  • Location
  • Planning & Budget
  • Post
  • Shoot & Production 
You can also create your own sections. Go to Settings > Projects. Click on Add section:

Pick the color that will be used in the calendar and projects for events that are connected to this section. You can always edit your custom sections here later.


Back in your project, you can click on Change sections and select the sections you would like to use in this project. Now when you create an event or milestone, you can assign it to one of the sections to keep track of you project planning.


For example: You can create a milestone Location confirmed which is in the section Location and add multiple tasks to the milestone like Request proposals from location agency, get client feedback and block dates.