Create and edit tasks

Use tasks to stay organised and keep track of all activities.

Tasks are useful to stay in sync with everything that needs to be done. Tasks can be either just your own unassigned tasks or they can be connected to a project or an event or milestone.

Create a task

To create a task go to the Tasks page and click Add task. Alternatively, you can create tasks with projects or when you click on an event or milestone in the calendar.


Enter a title and click Add task to create a simple task. You can also add additional information to a task:

  • A due date
  • Assignee (one or more members of your team)
  • Project (will automatically be added if you create the task within a project)
  • Priority (1 highest, 3 lowest)
  • Estimated time (how long you estimate this task will take and if it is billable)

When assigning tasks to team members, they will receive an email notification about it. They can choose to disable email notifications in their settings: Manage user settings and email notifications

Edit a task

You can edit tasks in all places by simply changing the values. Changes are auto-saved. If you add an estimated time, upon completing the task you will be asked what time to log:


You can choose to log the estimated time or log a different time (if you were faster or slower than expected). The logged time will be added to the time tracker together with the estimated time, so you know which logs were over or under time. You can also choose to not log any time.