Upload and share project files

Share media galleries and any other files you want to get feedback on through WhoCan.

With WhoCan it's easy to create beautiful media galleries with clients and collaborators. Advantages of sharing files via WhoCan, compared to other file sharing tools:

  • People can view files without needing to download them
  • Full control over permissions
  • Get feedback with comments, likes and dislikes
  • Automatically download images in various resolutions (auto-cropped)
  • All files are connected to a project and are easy to find in the future

To upload files, navigate to a project and go to the Files tab. Click New and upload files.


A good way to group images and other files for sharing is by creating a folder first and then upload files to that folder. To do so click on New -> Create folder. Enter a name and click Create. Next, click on the newly created folder to navigate into this folder. Here you can upload files as explained above.

Sharing folders

You can share folders with others by navigating to a folder and click the Share folder button. This will open a window where you can choose between sending an email invite or simply using a sharable link.


Tip: Email invites give you more control over who can view what and has various permissions. If you plan to invite multiple people, email sharing is the recommended way because it will generate unique links for each member.